About us

Who are we?

HMMConsultant Ltd brings together an exceptional group of management talents who have a decade of experience in the hospitality services and facilities
management sector. Our cross-sector contacts, enviable networking ability ensures a continuous understanding of the market hense your companies development for the future.

What do we offer?

HMMConsultant Ltd is a facilities management and business support solutions
provider, offering a suite of bespoke essential services for London based commercial accomodations and residential developments. We provide a connected strategic partnership, identifying and managing a client’s business support needs in facilities- and hotel management services through consultancy to special maintenance projects and beyond.

How does all this help your company?

Our management team have a decade of on the job experience in hotel operation and facilities management thus we perfectly understand your business needs, challanges and requirements. We offer business solutions to support your short and long term goals so your property will be able to reach the highest client satisfaction with the most cost effective high quality operation leading to the desired financial results.